Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hey guys! Been a while. I was browsing through google and saw this blogsite for Team Rockets. It's been a while since someone posted something here, so just to possibly revive this, posting this message! LOL!

Happy to have met and known you guys. you've been the strongest bond of friendship I've ever had and I know, deep in my heart and soul that our friendship continues and will continue until eternity.

We may not talk, chat and feel each other day in and day out, but the bond continues to be there. The bond of friendship. The bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. We will remain to be one.

See you soon!

Missed you all!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

ahhh..good thing I found it. many things happened and its almost March. next Saturday is my birthday. very busy

Saturday, December 13, 2014

right now i wish i didn't met you and became fast friend  so that i never learn how to care. but i do care for a friend who cares for you. or i'll have self talk to myself next time if i'll come to your aid if you need help. do you know what is running in my mind when i'm heading home? nobody cares for me. some people just don't know how to be considerate. i rushed myself to go out go help a friend but then got rejected at the end. give some respect if a person wants to help you. even if you thought its trouble for the person who cares. they want to help you dammit!

i should be composing this because i am doing my work..homework. i feel some chest pain right now. it hurts to be rejected you know.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Airplane Flight..

this was written went I went home for a vacation last April.
time:between 7-10am

Standing and waiting for the cabin crew to finish selling food to fellow passengers. Its Good Friday today. I should be one of the people doing Visita Iglesia in some churches in Singapore but I had change my flight time to earlier one. But at this moment, 7:32, I'm still be in bed. Sleeping or just lying, closed eyes, mind wide open...thinking..dreaming..planning...regretting..of waking up so early and going to bed so late..but here I am, flying back to Phils to visit my family and unwind with friends. This time its different. No rushing of going to lolo's house when I get home.No more shouting "lolo addaak" more scolding from him if we get noisy..three in the family had there graduation exercises..our youngest sister and two of my will be fun also attending the easter mass. This happens very early in the morning. Also eating empanada, miki, and sillet with rockets will be fun. Also I will see my good friend Vida and her daugther and her husband. We will visit Maricel also whose expecting a baby girl. I hope she have a safe delivery.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome to Our Page!!!

"Prepare for trouble.
And make it double."

That's line from the original Team Rockets from the Pokemon cartoon series., Jessi and James. Its been almost 15 yrs... but we're still here.

From the teenagers who wet pants for the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears,  who once shared almost everything from crushes to money ordeals, envied grades and struggled to outwit each other through academics. But at the end of the day, differences set aside, friendship continued to mature.
The young and innocent youths from their humble province to the man and woman they are now.

This is their life. Our life. Our story.

Welcome to our page.
Welcome to our life..
As team rockets survive.